We cast off this morning at 6:32am and continued our path south on the stunning South Carolina intracoastal waterway.

Quatuor II this morning

We started the day knowing rain was imminent but man it just down poured on us at about 8:30am.

Quatuor II in the rain

After about two hours of rain the skies cleared and we were treated to yet another beautiful day cruising the intracoastal waterway. We spent the day turning and twisting through the tight SC waterways while we made great time. In the end, we’d gone 133 nautical miles south and made great time doing so.

Cruising route for today. The red arrow is our current position on the checkered flag is the start

We arrived at the marina for the night at 5:24pm ending almost 11 hours of motoring.

With winds forecasted to be next to nothing tomorrow we are considering running in the ocean and diving back into the intracoastal waterway through one of its plentiful ocean inlets. The conditions would have to be just perfect for us to do so but tomorrow seems to be the day to do it.

It again feels surreal writing we are just days away from Florida. Admittedly, we were lucky as can be when it came to weather on the Chesapeake and especially the Delaware Bay. Also, we’ve had rain only twice the entire trip and both times it’s lasted a few hours and cleared up to a nice day. We couldn’t have asked for better circumstance thus far.

Beaufort SC is a beautiful little town with clear signs of preserved history throughout and lots of impressive architecture. Fun fact: Forest Gump was filmed here in Beaufort. This town leaves me wishing I could see more of it than what was glimpsed from a short walk around and i’ll have to come back soon.

For dinner we found a nice little restaurant a block away from the Beaufort Downtown Marina we’re currently at. As we walked back to the boat admiring the town we were greeted with just a breathtaking sunset:

I couldn’t have ask for a better view as I climbed in the cabin for the night. If we don’t run in the ocean tomorrow we’ll go through the Georgia ICW and from what we heard from another boater doing the intracoastal, the beauty of the intracoastal there is much sustained.

Day 10, June 22, Georgetown SC to Beaufort SC

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7 thoughts on “Day 10, June 22, Georgetown SC to Beaufort SC

  1. Ive been following your adventure and wish you the best. If you make it by Fort pierce Florida we will be glad to assist you in any way or give you a ride to a nice place to eat. Having Built 3 of Jeffs boats so far we know how you feel.

  2. So proud of you Ross. Love hearing about your travels. Best to you and your Dad!!! Love Sarah (& 6 Pike St crew)

    1. Thank you! Nick would pop over and see our progress building the boat all the time. Showing him the progress was always a highlight 🙂

  3. Hey Ross,

    Brilliant sunset pic. Just snagged as my new screensaver. Will forward the royalties later. May you have continued success with your trek. Great reading each day. Cheers

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