We cast off this morning at 6:36am to clear skies and pointed south towards Georgia. We didn’t know it then but it would be our most scenic and enjoyable day yet.

Let me just make one thing clear: Georgia’s Intracoastal waterway is a gem. I deem it the best stretch of water on the Atlantic coast (from what I’ve seen so far) with its untouched plentiful white sand beaches, wild horses, countless dolphins, beautiful tree lines and breathtaking topography. I found myself imagining camp sites along the shore which the possibilities were endless due to the continuous unique beauty. Of all the places I wish I could spent more time at, Georgia’s coast trumps them all without consideration.

Quatuor II cruising the Georgia intracoastal

Georgia’s waterways are the most remote stretch on the east coast (I think) which adds to the beauty but logistics became harder as fuel stops were far and in between with marinas scarce. We had to be precise and plan our cruising route accommodating the limits of our range and speed while considering a place to stay at night fall.

After careful planning, we successfully traveled 148 nautical miles and pulled into the Jekyll Island Marina with our fuel tanks full.

The route for today. The red arrow is our current post position and the checkered flag is where we started

With fair winds and good conditions we decided to run out into the ocean for about 30 miles before diving back into the intracoastal. Conditions were pretty calm with the occasional large set of waves but the waves were far apart so it was manageable. We then docked up at Jekyll island at 5:45 ending 11 hours of cruising.

Quatuor II in the ocean off of Georgia

Jekyll island is another amazing spot on the Atlantic coast. Although it lacks a deep history like Georgetown or Beaufort SC, it is a small island with a beautiful downtown and white sandy beaches. And, it is an island after all which grants cool points in my book.

We walked about 3/4 of a mile into town from the Jekyll island marina we are staying at and all the restaurants were understaffed and couldn’t take us so we settled for the only place we could find which was Dairy Queen 🙁 (not exactly what we were looking for after a long day of cruising).

We got back to the boat just in time for another beautiful sunset on the Atlantic coast:

As much fun as we’re having it can’t last forever. With our sense of adventure mostly sufficed and responsibilities awaiting at home, we plan to motor the final stretch to Jacksonville tomorrow and trailer the boat back to Massachusetts. Our trailer is currently at our relatives house in New Jersey and we’ll have to either fly one way or rent a car to pick it up and drive down to Florida to retrieve the boat and drive back to MA. We plan in the foreseeable future to float the boat from Jacksonville to Key West to fully and wholly complete the Atlantic Intracoastal. Who knows, we’ll probably end up doing the great loop eventually (but bypass the Great Lakes and it’s intense conditions). As much as I hate for the trip to end it couldn’t last forever and I’m proud of what we’ve done thus far.

Afterall, once we cross the Georgia Florida border my grandpas trip will have been replicated and our journey in his remembrance complete. I know he’d be damn proud of what we’ve accomplished these last few days and as long as we cross that border tomorrow without capsizing, I’m content.

Day 11, June 23, Beaufort SC to Jekyll Island GA.

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