Last night heavy thunderstorms and winds struck the marina but our little cabin proved its worth as we took shelter for a good nights sleep unbothered. At 5:30am this morning we left Cape May and began motoring towards the mouth of the Delaware Bay.

Quatour II motoring out of Cape May into the Delaware Bay

Shortly after we pointed north and headed up the bay, we saw dolphins swimming alongside the boat but just as I went to snap a picture they disappeared.

Quatour II motoring in the Delaware Bay

In just a slight chop we ran up the Delaware and dove into the Chesapeake Delaware Canal. The Canal was beautiful with a bike path running parallel.

Our route for the day (but reversed the checkered flag is the start and red arrow our current position).
Quatour II approaching the first bridge in the Chesapeake Delaware Canal

We crossed the 16 nautical mile canal and entered the Chesapeake Bay. The Chesapeake greeted us with rough conditions as we turned south towards Norfolk VA. The bilge pump we recently installed (thanks for the help with that Ethan!) was put through its paces as spray from the waves and high winds found it’s way into the deck of boat.

The boat faced some of the roughest conditions it’s seen during our 24 nautical mile run into the Chesapeake as evening approached. Our craftsmanship was tested while the boat pounded through the relentless waves. The homemade hull held up to the test and the Jeff Spira designed Dory proved its sea worthiness. Hopefully tomorrow we don’t see any conditions worse than today’s but the little 18’ Carolina Dory is up for the challenge.

The boat as it sits now

We made our way down to Rock Hall Maryland on the Chesapeake. The plan for tomorrow is to ride early and make it as far down the Chesapeake as possible. Our eye is on Norfolk Virginia but odds are it will take us two days to reach Norfolk.

For dinner we fired up the propane stove and cooked another mountain house freeze dried meal. We also each made an omelette with toast along with canned pineapples and protein bars. After a long day of travel we took hot showers at the Marina, threw the tarp up for the predicted rains tonight and dug out the mosquito net to protect from bugs.

Hopefully we continue to dodge rain during the day and the Chesapeake doesn’t get too angry tomorrow as we head south

Day 3-Cape May to Chesapeake Bay

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