We had a late start today at 7:46am because the lock and bridge south of us, South Mills Lock and South Mills Bridge had its first scheduled opening at 8:30am. The Dismal Swamp once again amazed us with its beauty as we motored through the dark brown water.

Quatuor II in the final southerly stretches of the Dismal Swamp

Sorry for the quality of the drone pictures. It’s a screenshot of the video from my phone and the quality diminishes.

I forgot to mention yesterday that we were able to resupply our food. There was a grocery store a block or two away from the first lock yesterday on the Dismal Swamp and we were able to get fresh fruit vegetables and some other stuff we were running low on.

Also, the Dismal Swamp is known for it’s low depth and relatively hazardous conditions for boats since submerged logs and other debris are common to find in the shallow waterway. Well, my dad had his own way of looking out for logs…

Although deemed ineffective, The “foot steer” preventative lookout measure for logs

We had a pretty uneventful and smooth day of cruising. As we exited the Dismal swamp we were grateful Ablermale sound wasn’t too rough. We were warned by the lock worker what we’d heard was correct; The sound can get rough since it’s all shallow water and if the wind blows anywhere over 10knts it can stir up a nasty chop quick.

Quatuor II in Albermale Sound

We crossed the sound without incident and continued south into Alligator River Canal. The canal was beautiful, and with the exception of a few strings of bridges and houses, it shared the Dismal Swamp’s feel of peacefulness and beauty.

Quatuor II in Alligator River Canal

We exited the canal at roughly 6:50pm and after roughly 11 hours of cruising we had gone 88 nautical miles. We then docked up at Dowry Creek Marina for the night.

Quatuor II at Dowry Creek Marina

Once there we took hot showers, (reluctantly) cooked and ate another freeze dried meal with some salad and huddled into the cabin in preparation for an early start tomorrow.

Here was our route for today:

Checkered flag is the start and red arrow is our current position

I’m not sure what the goal is to reach tomorrow but the fundamentals remain: head south far, fast and long.

Day 6-Friday June 18, South Mills NC to Aurora NC

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14 thoughts on “Day 6-Friday June 18, South Mills NC to Aurora NC

  1. Your Christmas present this year is going to be a big ole crate of those yummy freeze dried dinners, 😂. Great job so far, fellas!

  2. At Paige’s grad party, she just informed me of this website. I have to say I am utterly impressed with all you’ve been able to accomplish so far in this boat you built with your own hands. The pictures are astounding and the drone really captures the overall beauty of the entire area. Best of luck on the remainder of your excursion, here’s to many more wonderful days at sea!

  3. Love following your travels. Fantastic!!
    Keep up your great attitude. You guys need a home cooked meal! Love Aunt Mary

  4. The couple of times I’ve crossed the Albemarle Sound I also did so with some angst, but both were uneventful, and I was in a 34′ sailboat and later a 37′ Egg Harbor, not an 18-footer. The drone photos are a nice bonus.

    1. Yep we had a rough time with our completely flat bottom, but can’t argue with the fact we crossed safely haha. Waiting for the dang wind to die down to put the drone up again but its been 15-20 knts the last few days

  5. Great achievement you all! And getting lots of good experience navigating and at the helm. Reading daily to see progress! Boat looks very nice, great job.

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