Today was another beautiful day on the water for my dad and I as we eyed tropical storm Claudette’s movements. Although the storm should just miss us to our north, we moved as south as far possible today to attempt to avoid its path. Moving south proved difficult since every marina we called was full. After searching for a while, Harbour Village Marina in Hampstead NC agreed to tie us up at their fuel dock. This marina has excellent protection and is an ideal place to ride out the storm if it strays south to us.

We are a little north of the NC/SC border and from the predictions it should just miss us

We left the dock this morning at approximately 5:47am and it started down pouring shortly there after.

Quatuor II pictured just before our morning departure
Rain we ran into this morning

We threw our foul weather gear on and trudged through the heavy rain 30 nautical miles south to Harbour Village Marina.

This was the short route for today

The weather then let up and the sun poked through for the rest of the day. But, with the combination of a massive marlin fishing tournament just north of us ending yesterday with the flood of boats crowding marinas from the tournament paired with boats moving along the coast like us looking to take shelter from the storm, we just couldn’t find a marina further south that would take us in. So, we made the best of it and had a relaxing day. Unfortunately, there’s no town near the marina we could walk to but it was nice to have a chill day.

In the down time we tied the boat the best we could incase the storm veered south. We set up a stern and bow line with two spring lines. The marina has floating docks which will assist us in any storm surge (it’s also convenient for tying up since you don’t have to worry about varying water level with tides). We also cast both our tarps atop or bimini to prevent as much water from getting in the boat as possible and to keep us dry at night. We also set the bilge pump to its auto position so that if a certain level of water accumulates on the deck of the boat it will automatically kick on via a float switch and pump water out.

Quatuor II prepared for the potential storm

North Carolina is beautiful by the way. Along the intracoastal waterway are constant white sandy beaches and beautiful little coves throughout. I wish we had more time to explore the area but our bow must stay pointed south.

After some showers and pizza from a local pizza shop, we tucked into the cabin and hoped the storm would continue it’s current northern path.

Day 8, June 20, Swansboro NC to Hampstead NC

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4 thoughts on “Day 8, June 20, Swansboro NC to Hampstead NC

  1. Sounds like a great trip Ross!! Fun to follow. Paige is updating me all about your trip as well. Great way to spend Fathers Day as well.

  2. You two are stalwart and intrepid. Sorry for the storm, my wife’s fault. Each time she goes to the beach, a storm hits. She’s there now. She had to evacuate once.

  3. Wish I knew you were coming into Harbor Village Marina. I live nearby and would’ve enjoyed bringing you guys some dinner
    I’ve really enjoyed reading your notes so far, thanks for posting!

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